North Hennepin Soo Bahk Do is a professional martial arts school located in the Crystal Community Center in Crystal, Minnesota.

Founded in 1988, North Hennepin Soo Bahk Do offers a variety of classes in the traditional martial art of Soo Bahk Do. Our instruction is tailored to student age, ability and goals. Training is steeped in philosophy for self improvement including courage, honesty, humility and endurance.

Our students range in age from 4 to 60+ and in ability from beginner to senior black belt to master instructor. We are a family oriented school with many parents and children training together.

We provide the option of training one, two or three days per week. There is no enrollment fee and no contracts to sign. Classes are held year round. We encourage participation in regional and national clinics and tournaments and we continually challenge our students to strive for the next level of training.

Our instructors are experienced, dedicated practitioners with many having their own children in our programs. Instruction at all levels is designed to foster self esteem and to develop the skills necessary to become accomplished martial artists and positive members of our communities.

We believe in helping students develop skills they can use for a lifetime.

Why Soo Bahk Do:

  • Build self confidence and self control
  • Learn realistic self defense and bully defense skills
  • Learn specialized skills such as sparring, breaking, and breathing and relaxation
  • Increase flexibility and coordination, strength and stamina, and overall fitness
  • Increase focus, discipline and respect
  • Develop skills you can use every day in school, work or sports
  • An art you can participate in for a lifetime
  • As a traditional martial art, Soo Bahk Do forms the foundation of other martial arts such as Tae Kwon Do¬†

Call today for your free session and see the difference Soo Bahk Do martial arts training can make in your life!